Gjelstrup Consult Aps is a privately held limited company (cvr:31626609) offering consulting regarding investments and finance.


For more information please contact Søren Gjelstrup


email   : sg@invconsult.dk

Telefon :+45 45475059


Dronninggårds Alle 136

2840 Holte







Key arears of interest

* Banking & Capital

* German Residential Realestate

* Stockmarket (focus German & Danish)

* Sustainable/Responsible Investments



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Innovative and cost effective solutions



Supports several property companies (German realestate) with everything from asset transactions to management and financing.




I believe in establishing a proper investment basis through research. Fair fees, and that the typical frontloading of fees in the finance sector is the basis for its questionable reputation.


20 years of experience from Denmark, Germany and the UK working for leading investment banks.


Investment solutions based on independence, knowledge and research.



v/Søren Gjelstrup!